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Magic Grow Balanced Booster | Liquid Tomato Food | N.P.K 12-8-10


  • Ideal for feeding tomatoes, squash, chillies and other fruiting or flowering plants.
  • NPK 12-8-10.
  • Contains a balance of Nitrogen and Phosphorus with extra Potassium for ensuring healthy growth.
  • Application rate: Add 4-8ml of Magic Grow to 1 litre of water and apply 1 litre/sqm. Recommended to feed twice a week for best effect.
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Product Description


Magic Grow Balanced Tomato Booster (12-8-10)

Elixir Gardens Magic Grow Balanced Tomato Feed is ideal for feeding your tomatoes, squash and chillies. It can also help your flowers stay in bloom, as all of these plants need potassium to develop their flowers and fruits.

Magic Grow contains:

12% Nitrogen(N): An essential nutrient, important for the growth of healthy, green and large leaves.

8% Phosphorus(P) : An essential nutrient that is used by plants to develop their roots.

10% Potassium (K) : An essential nutrient that is important for plants that produce flowers or fruits. Allows for larger fruits and longer blooms.

Application Rates

4-8ml per litre of water applied at 1 litre per sqm.

Recommended feed twice per week, more frequent feeding is possible but care must be taken not to overfeed as individual plant requirements vary greatly. It is recommended that you apply the mixture to the soil around the plant that you want to feed.

For use with flowers it is suggested that you dilute the mixture to ½ or ¼ the strength that you would feed to your tomatoes, to prevent overfeeding.

Please Note:Colour labels are purely for illustration purposes. Bottle will come with a black and white label with all relevant information supplied.


Nutrient/Mineral Percentage (%)
Total Nitrogen (N) 12.0%
Nitric Acid (N) 0%
Ammoniacal Nitrogen (N) 2.3%
Ureic Nitrogen 9.6%
Total Phosphorus Pentoxide (P2O5) 8.1%
Total Potassium Oxide (K2O) 10%

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