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Tunnel(Duffus), Scissor & Claw Types Mole Traps


  • This listing features 3 types of Mole Trap to ensure your get the right trap for your garden/local area.
  • We stock “Duffus” mole traps, which are regarded as one of the most commonly used, and versatile mole traps in the UK.
  • “Claw” mole traps are also stocked, and are amongst the most commonly used traps by occupational mole catchers.
  • We also have the older, more established “Scissor” mole traps, which have gone through several design innovations over their lifetime.
  • All of our mole traps are of professional quality, like those used by occupational mole trappers.
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Product Description


Mole Traps Tunnel/Scissor/Claw/Talpex/Duffus professional Quality Heavy Duty

Tunnel Mole Traps

Also known as the ‘Duffus’ mole trap, this very versatile and popular mole trap has become possibly the most commonly used throughout the UK.

This type of mole trap is ideal also for situations where discretion is important. Such as when trapping land accessible to or frequented by the public, as the low profile of the tunnel mole trap means it is often completely underground when set in deeper runs.

A further advantage of this design of mole trap is that, with the setting mechanism at each end of the trap operating independently of the other, it is possible to catch a mole from either direction – and thereby it is possible to catch 2 moles in a single trap.

Claw Mole Traps

Increasingly more popular with occupational mole catchers in the UK. Claw-type mole traps tend to share some similarity with other mole trap designs.

Specifically this type of trap is distinctive in that when placed in the mole run the cavity is then back-filled with loose soil and is triggered as a result of the mole pressing through that material rather than through direct contact with the trap itself.

Typically, claw-type mole traps can be very useful where the type of land or other working conditions do not favour other styles of mole trap.

Scissors Mole Traps

The scissors-type mole trap is one of the longest established industrially manufactured styles of trap, having undergone several proprietary design innovations over time.

Although being perhaps less popular with occupational mole catchers these days, the scissors mole trap is not without its adherents.

Advantages of the scissors mole trap is ease of setting and, as when set the handles of the trap protrude above the ground, ease of checking for set traps that have been triggered.

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