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Lawn Patch Repair / Recovery | Premium Fast-Growing Grass Seed | 100g - 10kg | Covers up to 285m²


  • Premium quality, hard-wearing grass seed mixture for lusher, thicker, greener grass.
  • Available in quantities of 100g and 250g.
  • Highly effective certified grass seed, perfect for revitalising bare patches, improving existing grass, or creating new lawns.
  • 70% EU listed Perennial Rye Grass, 30% listed Strong Creeping Red Fescue.
  • Sowing rate: approx. 35g per sqm.

Product Description



Patch Repair Premium Grass Seed | 100–250g | Covers up to 7m²

Revitalise your garden by restoring a gorgeous green backdrop of healthy grass with our Premium Patch Repair Grass Seed. Perfect for improving thin, patchy areas and pesky bare spots, this multi-purpose seed blend delivers a hard-wearing, superior lawn.

Whether it’s due to heavy traffic, sports, pets or disease, grass can easily wear down creating unattractive patches. Our grass seed is designed to produce a tough, durable lawn that is able to thrive under a number of conditions. It will deliver results that will last all year round while withstanding traffic, children, garden parties, sports and different weather types.

DEFRA approved, our premium seed blend is tailored for use in the UK and has been through rigorous testing and trials. Perennial Rye Grass and Strong Creeping Red Fescue are blended together in perfect proportion to produce a lusher, thicker, healthier and greener lawn that will continue to grow throughout the cooler seasons.

Not just for your lawn, our premium grass seed can be used for play areas, sports pitches, landscaping projects and more.

Available in quantities of 100g and 250g to cover up to 7m².

Application Rate

The typical sowing rate for our premium grass seed is 35g per m², however for a brand new lawn, we suggest 50g per m². For a light boost to improve your lawn or for small touch ups, we suggest just 25g per m² to achieve a healthier appearance.

Grass Seed Quantity Overseeding Existing Grass (approx. m²) New Lawn (approx. m²)
100g (patch repair) 3m² 2m²
250g (patch repair) 7m² 5m²

For Best Results…

1. Prepare the soil – Loosen the top couple of inches of soil, remove debris, fertilise with a decent starter fertiliser, avoid using weed killers before and after sowing.
2. Sow the grass seed – Spread evenly by hand in small areas or use a seed spreader for larger areas, disperse evenly and not too close together, ideally 5-10mm deep in the soil.
3. Cover – Lightly cover your seeds with 0.25 inch of top soil. We also recommend laying Frost Fleece over your seeds and top soil to act as a floating mulch. This will provide protection from wind, insects, pests and bird damage whilst allowing rainfall and light to pass through. This will ultimately improve growing conditions and germination.
4. Water – Water lightly 1-2 times daily (preferably in the evening) for 3-4 weeks – avoid watering when it rains.
5. Cut – Cut grass when 3-4 inches long.

Germination will vary from 5 days to 3 weeks depending on conditions. At the time of sowing, minimum soil temperature must be 7-8 degrees Celsius. Temperature and moisture are key, so the warmer it is – combined with regular watering – the quicker germination will be. If you’re sowing in optimum conditions, consider reducing the sowing rate. For maximum results, we recommend sowing our Premium Grass Seed in the spring or autumn.

For shaded areas, sow at the same rate. No need to use a higher quantity of seed. Although our Premium Grass Seed has tolerance for shade, you should be prepared to seed these areas more frequently.

Store grass seed in a dry area in an unopened or sealed container for up to 18 months.

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