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Plant Pot Strong Deep Terracotta Plastic | Various Sizes


  • Our terracotta plant pots are made from hard wearing and durable co-polymer plastic.
  • Great for using in greenhouse and planting areas.
  • Ideal for propagating or planting and displaying plants and flowers.
  • Long-lasting design.
  • Available in sizes from 6cm upto 26cm.


Plant Pot Terracotta Strong Quality Plastic Cactus/House Pots Various Sizes

Our plastic terracotta plant pots are made from a durable hard plastic. This makes them reusable, and means that they will last longer without needing a replacement. Our pots are a great way to keep potted plants and house plants. Our smaller pots can be used to grow plants until they are ready to be moved
to a larger pot, or into the garden.

Our larger pots can be used to transplant or keep larger plants until they can be moved. All of our pots have drainage holes in the bottom, making them suitable for use with overhead or sub-drainage

We carry a wide range of terracotta plant pots, available in sizes from 6 cm all the way up to 26 cm pots; and can carry anywhere from 120ml to 8.6 litres of water, making them the ideal solution for your planting needs.

See the table below for dimensions of the pots:

Size Top Diameter Bottom Diameter Depth
120ml 6cm / 2.3″ 4cm / 1.57″ 5.7cm / 2.24″
500ml 9cm / 3.5″ 6.5cm / 2.55″ 9cm / 3.5″
1.5 litre 12.5cm / 4.92″ 8.4cm / 3.3″ 11cm / 4.33″
2.4 litre 19cm / 7.48″ 13.5cm / 5.31″ 16.5cm / 6.49″
4.3 litre 21.5cm / 8.46″ 15cm / 5.9″ 18.5cm / 7.28″
6.2 litre 24cm / 9.44″ 17cm / 6.69″ 21cm / 8.26″
8.6 litre 26.5cm / 10.43″ 19cm / 7.48″ 23cm / 9.05″

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