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Plant Support Pot Trellis, Obelisk, Tripod Plastic Garden Green House


  • Our plant support obelisks are easily assembled by clipping the pieces together, and have a classical look to them. Hooks on the sides make it easier for climbing plants to find a grip on them.
  • The tripods are easy are easy to set up and use, and come with a lug to attach a label to. Great for climbing plants to grow onto.
  • Trellises allow you to support your climbing plant in a few ways, such as providing them with a stable surface to grip on to.
  • Tying tubes are the ideal way to secure your plants to trellises and canes. They are stretchy to allow the plant to grow.
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Plant Support Pot Trellis, Obelisk, Tripod Plastic Garden Green House



The Obelisks are made to a classical design and to look like wrought iron.

They have hook type grips on the bottom of their legs to achieve a secure hold in the compost. All the way up each leg are little hooks sticking out about 10mm which allow climbers to attach easily and grow up the Obelisk. Ideal for any climbing plant. They are easily assembled by just clipping together.


Tripod legs are easily spread and inserted into soil. The legs have steps on them to give extra grip in the soil. The legs also have little protrusions along them so that the plant can grip and secure itself as it grows.

The top acts as a cane cap and there is a lug so a label can be clipped on.


The strengthened Trellises (59cm x 30cm) clips onto the side of thin rimmed square pots.

The Trellises (75cm x 42cm) is sturdier. They both support the plant during growth. Ideal for Ivy, Clematis and other climbers.

Trellises (82cm x 17cm) stands 72cm above the pot. It has grips on the legs, so when inserted into the compost it will be stable and not be easily pulled out.

The plant could be then lifted by the trellis top. The Trellises (64cm x 17cm) stands 55cm above the pot.

The Trellises (75cm x 42cm) measures 30” (75cm) in Bamboo and is 42cm wide at the top.

Tying Tube – 3mm x 50m

The Tying Tube is ideal for supporting plants and anchoring them to trellis/canes. This stretchy tube will not restrict the plants growth and allow it to take its own natural path.
Ideal to give climber plants that little bit extra support.

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