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Plant Support Accessories | Support Clips & Rings, Cane Connectors & Caps, Grow Triangles & Tying Tube


  • Range of Plant Support Accessories.
  • Cane Caps & Connectors provide support and eye protection.
  • Support Clips & Rings support climbing plants and floppy plants.
  • Grow Triangle creates a triangular support frame using 3 bamboo canes.
  • Soft Tie perfect for anchoring plants to trellises or canes.

Product Description


Plant Support Accessories | Support Clips & Rings, Cane Connectors & Caps, Grow Triangle & Tying Tube

Give your fruit, veg, climbing plants and blooms the best growing environment to reach their full potential. Our range of plant support accessories are a must-have for any ‘grow your own’ gardener.

Plant Support Ring

Our Plant Support Rings fit onto any size cane and adjust up or down the cane as required. The circumference of the ring is in segments making it much easier to adjust plant stems or cut flowers as they are growing. Avoid any damage or harm to your plant.

Wigwam Grip

Our Circular Plastic Wigwam Grips enable you to build a pyramid using garden canes. Use with as many as 12 canes or as little as 3-4. They’re ideal for climbing plants, excellent for peas, beans, sweet peas, cucumbers etc.

Cane Connector (set of 5)

Cane Connectors are made from durable plastic and designed to survive many seasons. Easily create frames anywhere in the garden. Use them to support runner beans, peas, broad beans, tomatoes and other climbing plants.

The modular design of the clips makes them multi-functional and useful in many different situations. Each section consists of two vertical holes and one horizontal, with enough room to support 20mm diameter canes! A complete ring of 5 sections has a diameter of 16cm. A complete ring can make use of 15 slots meaning there are potentially hundreds of different combinations.

Plant Support Clip

Plant Support Clips clip onto any regular split canes. Easy to alter, they support and guide the plant as it grows. Because it grips the cane, there is no tying involved. It is ideal for all types of floppy plants climbers, bulbs, ivy, clematis, freesias and geraniums.

Grow Triangle

Our Grow Triangles hold 3 canes upright creating a triangular column. As a result, plants grow stronger and healthier stems and foliage.

Soft Tying Tube

Soft Gardening Tying Tube is ideal for supporting plants and anchoring them to trellises and/or canes. Thick and padded it gently secures plants and won’t cause damage. This stretchy tube will not restrict the plants growth and will allow it to take its own natural path. It’s Ideal to give climber plants that little bit of extra support.

Wigwam Pyramid Small & Large

Pyramid Cane Caps are made from sturdy, semi-flexible plastic. Attach the Wigwam Pyramid Cap at the top of three canes to form a pyramid. They are triangular in shape, perfect for fixing to canes for eye protection, and avoiding accidents. The three holes taper and hold a variety of sizes of canes firmly.

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Numbers advertised represent the average package content

In our drive to offer the most competitive prices possible and to maximise efficiencies, many small items are weighed rather than counted e.g. 100 x 4” plant labels or 300 x jiffy pellets etc. For the most part this method is successful and delivers the accurate number, however on occasion actual numbers received may be plus or minus a small amount. In this situation we will not be able to send any perceived missing items or expect any to be returned.

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