Bumper Crop Pre-Seed Lawn Fertiliser

  • BOOST YOUR LAWN: Pre-Seed Lawn Fertiliser accelerates germination in newly sown grass seed, as well as enriching soils with the nutrients required to fight off disease and boost growth.
  • 5-IN-1 FORMULA: Our special formulation blends Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium, Magnesium and Iron, as well as other trace elements, to give optimal growth and strength to your grass.
  • FAST-ACTING: The fine granule blend quickly dissolves to immediately benefit freshly sown grass seed, and ensures an even dispersal of nutrients into the soil.
  • SUPER COVERAGE: A full 25kg bag will cover up to 1000sq.m of lawn at our recommended application rate of 25g/sq.m.
  • EASY APPLICATION: Simply apply by hand or using a conventional lawn spreader.
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Product Description

Bumper Crop Pre-Seed Lawn Fertiliser

Bumper Crop Pre-Seed Lawn Fertiliser is ideal for preparing soils for reseeding or patch repair. It gives newly sown grass the best possible start. The specially formulated mix of ensures an improved rate of germination and accelerated growth of your freshly sown grass seed. The added Magnesium and Iron within our Pre-Seed Fertiliser help green-up existing turf and aid the uptake of vital nutrients for strong, healthy grass.

Mineral Analysis:

  • Nitrogen (6%) – Boosts chlorophyll production.
  • Phosphorus (11%) – Encourages strong root growth.
  • Potassium (18%) – Strengthens grass against disease and drought.
  • Magnesium (2%) – Aids the uptake of essential nutrients.
  • Iron (0.6%) – Protects against moss and promotes a lush, green colour.
  • Trace elements – Manganese (0.25%), Copper (0.1%), Zinc (0.2%), Boron (0.1%).

Application Rates:

The recommended application rate is to use 25g/m² of lawn. To avoid the risk of scorching grass we recommend watering-in the fertiliser after application if no rain is forecast. We also recommend testing a small patch of your lawn beforehand.

When an area has been fertilised and sown, it is recommended to safeguard it until the seeds have germinated. A straightforward yet highly effective method involves enveloping the ground with garden fleece, permitting the passage of light and water whilst deterring avian seed consumption and discouraging pedestrian activity until germination occurs. Please click the links below to see our Fleece and Premium grass seed listings.

Garden Fleece – HERE

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< View our range of Fertilisers – HERE.

Please note:

To offer the best possible value – smaller weight bags are repackaged into clear packaging with a black and white label with all relevant information detailed and larger quantities will be supplied in manufacturer’s bags. Tubs will be plain white with a black and white label with all relevant information detailed. Images shown are for illustrative purposes only.
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