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Rodex25 Whole Wheat Rat Poison | Strongest Available Online | 100g Sachets


  • READY TO USE – Sachets of Rodex25 are ready-to-use in bag. Meaning no mess or hassle, just simply remove any current food sources and place the sachet(s) where you have the issue and also near feeding/nesting spots.
  • YOU KNOW IF IT IS BEING EATEN – The red dye, specially mixed with the feed, colours the droppings of rodents with a red hue to indicate the bait is being eaten, without unnecessary risks being taken to actively check busy rodent areas.
  • MADE FOR USE BY THE PUBLIC – You won’t have to fear about hiring an expensive professional to sort out your infestation. Roban is made for home use and is readily available for the public.
  • LOOKING FOR MOUSE BAIT? – We also stock ROBAN25 Cut Wheat Bait, a more effective product for Mice, who prefer cut wheat grains, rather than whole grains.
  • WARNING – This product contains an anticoagulant substance. If ingested immediately call a Poison Center (UK: 111) or a local Doctor/Physician. Do not eat, drink or smoke during/after use. Wash hands thoroughly after use. Take care when disposing.
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Rodex25 Whole Wheat Rat Poison | Strongest Available Online | 100g Sachets

Rodex25 Rat Poison is a whole wheat bait, highly palatable to rats. The ready to use formulation uses food grade micronized (high temperature treated) wheat which increases its attractiveness to rodents. Unlike cut wheat bait (which is more effective with Mice) the whole wheat is proven to have a much higher ‘take up’ than other formulas.

Taste adjuvants and sweeteners improve bait ‘take up’. The formula also includes bio-stats that inhibit the growth of fungi or bacteria when used outdoors or in damp conditions. Very simple to use – take a bait pack and place securely where rats and mice are feeding and moving around. The clever design of the bait pack allows the smell of the attractants out yet keeps the bait dry and in good condition against all types of weather.

Ideally placed along the edge of walls, fencing or near sites of activity such as holes or burrows created or dug out by rats and mice. One single bait pack is so potent it can potentially kill 2 rats. They are safe to handle and are very easy to use with a rapid and high success rates. Particularly effective in gardens around where wild birds are being fed – an attractive site for rodents. Also useful for around stable yards and farms where rodents are an inevitable pest.

PLEASE NOTE: Because of their delayed mode of action, anticoagulant rodenticide may take between 4-10 days to be effective after consumption. Using this product should eliminate problems within 35 days total. In case of a suspected lack of efficacy, please contact a local pest control service. Your problem may be larger than you thought.

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