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Electric Fan Heater | 1 – 2.8 kW | Indoor/Greenhouse Heating


  • Select from 3 heating options at: 1kW, 1,8 kW, 2,8 kW, with an adjustable thermostat from 0 – 26° for more control over the heat. Not only does it act as a fan heater but cooler also, keeping you well ventilated!
  • Safety Feature: The heater will automatically switch off temporarily should it overheat. To restart, switch off the device for 5-10 minutes to allow for cooldown. Blockages in the air inlet or exhaust apertures may also cause automatic shut-off. In such cases check the air intake vent is not blocked or obstructed.
  • Very quiet smooth running fan | On/Off Indicator Light | Comes with hanging chains and floor mounting brackets included!
  • Stainless steel drum, black heat resistant plastic. Warning: Hot to the touch when powered on!
  • IP44 Rated – Water resistant design. Length – 37.5cm | Width: 22cm | Height 30cm (inc. floor brackets) | 3 pin standard UK plug (lead length approx 130cm)

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Product Description


Electric Fan Heater |1 – 2.8kW Indoor/Greenhouse Heating

Our Electric Fan Heater is a sturdy, compact and versatile solution to your heating / cooling needs. A fully stainless steel finish helps with eventual rusting and wear down of the parts. Made from highly durable, heat resistant plastic the shell and dials are sure to last the test of time and use. The device is primarily a heater and it can kick out a great amount of warmth via it’s 3 different settings at 1kW, 1.8kW and 2.8kW (with more settings via the thermostat) to let you control the heat as you would like! Very useful for greenhouses, indoor use (such as painting, to dry) and much more!

On the 2.8kW setting the heater has a running cost of 2.8kWh.

(The following instructions are to be used with a numbered chart included in the instructions booklet)

Winter Operation

Select the desired operating mode on selector switches 1 and 2.
Depending on size or location of greenhouse, power setting of 1800W or 2800W are recommended for winter months. In Autumn or Spring 1000W should suffice.

1800W: Ideal for greenhouse of up to 3m x 4m 
2800W: Ideal for greenhouse of up to 3m x 6m 

For more even heat coverage, reduced or nullified cold spots and to reach low hanging or short-growing plants we would suggest leaving the fan setting on at all times when in use.
Then set the desired temperature on the thermostat.

Summer Operation

In the summer months you can use the air circulation mode to achieve substantial cooling of the greenhouse area temperature. Select operating mode 2b for this and open all windows and doors in the greenhouse. The thermostat wheel becomes irrelevant in this mode. Keeping the warm summer air circulating in the greenhouse will promote pollination of your plants and regulate humidity also!

Standard 3 Pin UK Plug included
Hanging Chains included
Floor Mounts included

Do not cover. Please follow safety instructions included before usage.
Heater must be installed horizontally, any damaged units incurred from incorrect fitting cannot be refunded or replaced.

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