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Seaweed Meal/Calcified/Liquid Feed Fertiliser + Iron


  • Our Seaweed products are 100% natural.
  • Seaweed meal is ideal for making your grass and plants more stress resistant.
  • Liquid seaweed is ideal for feeding larger gardens when they need a boost of minerals and nutrients.
  • Our iron infused liquid seaweed helps prevent moss buildup, and formation of wormcasts, leading to a cleaner, less messy look on your lawn.
  • Calcified seaweed is ideal for increasing soil alkalinity to make the soil more suited to lime-loving plants, or to give a boost to already existing plants during the spring growth period.


Seaweed Meal/Calcified/Liquid Feed Fertiliser + Iron

Seaweed Meal

Elixir Gardens seaweed meal is a 100% natural and organic plant feed and conditioner. It is suitable for use on lawns, gardens, sports greens and agricultural land. Seaweed meal helps to promote stress resistant, healthy sward and helps to increase soil fertility. This seaweed meal is made from Ascophyllum Nodosum, concentrated from the Northern Atlantic. Seaweed has an ideal nitrogen and phosphate content, with lower phosphate levels than chemical fertilisers.

In addition to this it also contains carbohydrates, amino acids, proteins, vitamins and micronutrients. Soil aeration and structure can also be improved with usage of seaweed meal, especially in clay-based soils, and with its moisture retention properties it helps keep soil hydrated for longer.

Liquid Seaweed & Liquid Seaweed + Iron

Elixir gardens liquid seaweed with iron hardens sward reducing the soil’s susceptibility to disease and cold damage. The iron present in the liquid will also discourage moss formation and worm activity, and will help to make your lawn a beautiful dark green colour. In addition to providing many of the essential nutrients and minerals that our liquid seaweed provides.

Calcified Seaweed

Our calcified seaweed is 100% Natural, made from naturally occurring beds of calcified and coralline algae. It can be used as an alternative to garden lime, It also contains trace elements and plant nutrients making it useful as a spring lawn dressing. Calcified Seaweed serves to increase soil pH over time, as well as improving soil structure. Ideal for preparing an area for planting of lime-loving plants, or reducing acidity in the soil, whilst adding nutrients and minerals that all plants need.

Application rates

Seaweed meal

Top dressing: 35g – 75g/sqm

Liquid seaweed

Germinating: 5ml/4.5litres

Propagating/transplanting/foliage spraying mix: 10ml/4.5litres

Growing on: 20ml/4.5litres

Feed 1 – 2 times per week

Calcified seaweed

Seedbed or dug-in: 35g – 75g/sqm

Top dressing: 50g – 100g/sqm

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