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Seaweed Fertilisers | Seaweed Meal, Calcified Seaweed & Liquid Seaweed Concentrate


  • Our seaweed products are 100% natural.
  • Seaweed Meal: perfect for making your grass and plants more stress resistant. Certified 100% organic by the Soil Association.
  • Liquid Seaweed: ideal for feeding larger gardens when they need a boost of minerals and nutrients.
  • Iron infused Liquid Seaweed: helps prevent moss & formation of worm casts.
  • Super Strength Liquid Seaweed: perfect for large outdoor projects or plants in need of a nutrient boost.
  • Calcified Seaweed: ideal for increasing soil alkalinity or give a boost to plants during spring.

Product Description


Seaweed Fertilisers

Our natural, organic seaweed fertilisers contain extracts of mineral-rich seaweed and improve overall plant health. They contain beneficial nutrients including magnesium, potassium, nitrogen and more. Seaweed has an ideal nitrogen and phosphate content with lower phosphate levels than chemical fertilisers. To select which fertiliser is right for you, read the uses and benefits of each product below.

Seaweed Meal

Made from Ascophyllum Nodosum concentrated from the Northern Atlantic, seaweed meal is a 100% natural and organic plant feed and conditioner. Suitable for use on lawns, gardens, sports greens as well as large agricultural land. It helps promote stress resistant, healthy sward and improves the fertility of the soil it is applied to. Seaweed Meal contains carbohydrates, amino acids, proteins, vitamins and micronutrients. Seaweed Meal also aids soil aeration and structure, especially in clay-based soils. With its moisture retention properties it helps keep soil hydrated for longer.

Application rates:

Top dressing: 35g – 75g/sqm

Organic Hebridean Liquid Seaweed

Our Liquid Seaweed stimulates healthy plants, producing higher yields of crops and more flowers. Harvested sustainably from the isles of the Outer Hebrides using heat extraction and fermentation ensures a nutrient rich fertiliser, completely free from any additives and chemicals. It will provide your lawn and plants with essential nutrients and minerals they need for strong and healthy growth. Seaweed improves natural plant vigour as well as the ability to withstand environmental stress.

Liquid seaweed with added Iron will help make your lawn a beautiful dark green colour. Additionally, Liquid seaweed will harden sward and reduce the soil’s susceptibility to disease and frost damage. The iron present in the liquid will also discourage moss formation and worm activity.

ALL NEW Super Strength Liquid Seaweed
We now stock Super Strength Liquid Seaweed Fertiliser. At a concentration 3 times stronger than conventional liquid seaweed it really packs a punch. This makes it ideal for large areas of turf or vegetation to be fed. Boost the health and vigour of wilting or unhealthy plants too.

Domestic rates:

As a general guide we recommend a a dilution rate of 50ml of liquid seaweed per litre of water. Apply the diluted solution at a dose of 1 litre per square meter of ground/soil. Dosage will depend on the type of plant or crop being treated however. Super Strength Liquid Seaweed as a recommended dilution rate of 15ml per litre of water. For newly planted/delicate crops a lower rate is advised until the plant is fully established. Responsibility for soil/environment conditions, individual mixes and results is at the end of the user. Feed 1 – 2 times per week.

Agricultural rates (litres per hectare):

Early Spring Grazing: 7 / 10 days before turnout – 5.0. After cutting Hay, silage as soon as field cleared – 5.0. With sprays – 2.5.

Potatoes: At onset of tuber initiation – 2.5. 10 days after tuber initiation – 2.5. 3 weeks later – 2.5. A further 3 weeks later – 2.5.

Spring Cereals: ZGS 21 / 23 Tillering – 2.5. ZGS 30 / 31 Leaf sheath erect /1st node – 2.5.

Winter Cereals: ZGS 21 Early Tillering (autumn) – 2.0. ZGS 31/32 1st / 2nd node – 2.5. (Wheat) ZGS49 / 59 Flag leaf ear emerged – 2.5.

Soft Fruit: Strawberries Early Blossom – 5.0. Raspberries etc Fruit set – 5.0. After Harvest – 5.0. Any stressed or unhealthy crop – 5.0

Calcified Seaweed

A 100% natural fertiliser, made from naturally occurring beds of calcified and coralline algae. Over time it increases soil pH and improve soil structure. Containing trace elements and vital plant nutrients makes it useful as a spring lawn dressing. Calcified seaweed can be used as an alternative to garden lime. It’s ideal for preparing an area for planting of lime-loving plants, or reducing acidity in the soil. It provides nutrients and minerals that all plants need to thrive.

Application Rates:

Seedbed or dug-in: 35g – 75g/sqm

Top dressing: 50g – 100g/sqm

Please note: Product may come supplied with a plain black and white label, with all relevant information applied.

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