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Full/Half Size Cell Pack inserts for seed trays


  • Elixir Gardens cell packs are durable and hardwearing, which allows them to be reused.
  • Ideal full or half size cell packs for use in your greenhouse or nursery.
  • These packs come in a great range of sizes from 4 to 60 cells
  • Easy to handle and can be used with propagators
  • Great for using to sow seeds, rooting cuttings and also transplanting seedlings.

Product Description


Full/Half Size pack inserts all sizes available from 4 – 60 cell


Half Size Cell Packs.

Elixir Gardens professional bedding half size cell packs are made from recycled plastic and are self supporting with an upper rolled edge for strength and easy handling, they also have a two tier drainage system and slots so they can accept carrying handles. Two half size cell trays will fit in one standard carry/seed tray and will also support a propagator lid if required.


Full Size Cell Packs.

Elixir Gardens professional bedding full size cell packs are made from recycled plastic and are designed to fit and be supported by a standard full size seed tray. They come with drainage holes in every cell and can be split apart into strips easily if required. The cell inserts have a flat top edge and are designed to sit flush with a tray making them very simple to use with or without a propagation lid.


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Please see the Cell pack dimensions below.

Cell Pack Cell Length Cell Width Cell Depth
4 Cell 226mm 173mm 50mm
6 Cell 226mm 173mm 50mm
9 Cell 226mm 173mm 50mm
12 Cell 226mm 173mm 50mm
20 Cell 226mm 173mm 50mm
24 Cell 359mm 230mm 50mm
40 Cell 360mm 228mm 50mm
50 Cell 359mm 230mm 50mm
60 Cell 358mm 230mm 50mm
4 Strip 359mm 228mm 45mm
5 Strip 361mm 228mm 46mm

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