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Slug Killer Pellets 20Kg Condor Proffesional Grade Micro Pellet Treats 17000 sqm


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Slug Pellets 20Kg Condor Proffesional Grade Micro Pellet Covers over 17000 sqm



Crops Maximum individual dose Maximum number of treatments Maximum total dose Latest time of application
All edible crops (except potato and cauliflower) 23 kg/ha (2.3 gram per sqm) 23 kg/ha
All non-edible crops 23 kg/ha (2.3 gram per sqm) 23 kg/ha
Potato 11.5 kg/ha (1.2 gram per sqm) 23 kg/ha 21 days before harvest
Other specific restrictions: Applications must not be made to cauliflower. Poultry must be kept out of treated areas for at least 7 days following treatment.


Operator Protection

WASH HANDS before meals and after work. Engineering control of operator exposure must be used where reasonably practicable in addition to the following personal protective equipment: WEAR SUITABLE PROTECTIVE CLOTHING (COVERALLS) AND SUITABLE PROTECTIVE GLOVES when handling the product, applying by hand or hand-held equipment and when handling contaminated surfaces. However, engineering controls may replace personal protective equipment if a COSHH assessment shows they provide an equal or higher standard of protection.

Environmental Protection

DANGEROUS TO GAME, WILD BIRDS AND ANIMALS bury or remove spillages. DO NOT CONTAMINATE SURFACE WATERS OR DITCHES with chemical or used container. KEEP POULTRY OUT OF TREATED AREAS for at least 7 days following treatment.

Storage and Disposal

KEEP IN ORIGINAL CONTAINER, tightly closed, in a safe place away from children. EMPTY CONTAINER COMPLETELY and dispose of safety. STORE IN A DRY PLACE.


All instructions within this section must be read carefully in order to obtain safe and successful use of this product. The maximum total dose must not exceed 23kg product/ha/year. In high risk situations, where additional treatments against slugs are necessary beyond the permissible maximum total dose of metaldehyde/ha/year, use an alternative slug control product not containing metaldehyde.


Pellets should not be applied just before rain. Varieties of oilseed rape low in glucosinolates can be more acceptable to slugs than ‘single low’ varieties. The efficacy of this product to these varieties has not been established. Under glass keep soil dry for a few days after application.


Product may be applied to all edible and non-edible crops (protected or unprotected) except cauliflower. In drilled crops, such as peas, the pellets should be applied pre-drilling in early Spring.

Dose Rate on all Crops except Potato and Cauliflower 23 kg/ha

Dose Rate on Potato 11.5 kg/ha per application which must not exceed a total dose of 23 kg/ha per season.

For optimum results, apply product at the early stages of tuber formation when the crop is at full canopy and slugs are active as shown by the use of slug traps. This usually occurs in Late July or early August. A second application may be applied two weeks later particularly to varieties of potato which are susceptible to slugs.

Application to potato must not take place within 21 days of harvesting the crop.

Method of Application

The pellets may be applied through any suitable granule or fertiliser applicator, or by hand-held scoop, it is important to ensure an even spread of the pellets.


The pellets are best applied during mild, damp weather when slugs and snails are most active, preferably before a dry, sunny day. The application may be repeated up to the maximum total dose permitted on the crop.

Late application of pellets to broad-leaved plants may result in lodging of pellets in foliage. Care should be taken to avoid this when making applications to edible crops.

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