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Snappy Gripper Mouse Trap | Wooden Rodent Bait Traps


  • The Snappy Gripper is a quick and humane way of disposing of mice.
  • Easy to use and proven to work design.
  • Highly recommend mouse trap, with high catch-rate statistics.
  • Handy raised treadle platform.
  • Easy clean plastic bait anchor.
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Product Description


Snappy Gripper Mouse Trap | Wooden Rodent Bait Traps

Our Snappy Gripper mouse trap is a great humane and quick way of removing unwanted mice from your home and outdoor spaces. This updated and improved version of the classically designed mouse trap remains a popular and effective choice for many people when it comes to mice infestations. The new updated version maintains the proven classic design but adds an easy clean raised bait anchor and stable trigger which are both effective and easy to use.
Each Snappy Gripper comes equipped with a bait anchor, this allows for a clean application of bait.

How to Use

    • 1. Securely attach bait to easy clean plastic bait anchor.
    • 2. Pull snapping arm back and hold in place at opposite end to treadle.
    • 3. Whilst carefully holding snapping arm in place. Lay the locking trigger arm over the snapping arm.
    • 4. Insert the locking trigger arm into left side of yellow treadle plate and gently release pressure of snapping arm.
    • 5. The baited yellow treadle should now take the strain of spring and be slightly raised. The trap is now set.

    Top tip
    Always hold a set trap at the opposite end to yellow treadle in case it accidentally goes off.

    Trap placement

      • 1. Place the baited trap along runs of known mouse activity.
      • 2. Place the yellow treadle end next to the wall. Mice like the security of being close to the wall.
      • 3. Place away from children and pets where it can’t be disturbed.

Due to the fine tuning nature of setting these traps it is sometimes necessary to manually adjust or tweak elements of the trigger fixing mechanism. Adjusting the trigger to optimise operation is commonpractice with manual traps and does not constitute the product as being faulty.

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