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Soil Warming Cable / Thermostat for Propagators / Greenhouse


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Soil Warming Cable

  • 3m Cable – 14.5W
  • 6m Cable – 50W
  • 12m Cable – 80W
  • 24m Cable – 120W
  • 48m Cable – 250W

Our Elixir Soil Warming cable is the ideal way to propagate seeds and cuttings on a greenhouse bench or in a cold frame. The soil in the greenhouse takes time to warm up naturally; with a soil warming cable you are able to plant earlier and raise better specimens

A simple frame can be constructed from wood to form the propagating area required, which is then lined with polythene. The cable is then laid onto a 5cm bed of sharp sand (horticultural) and covered with a further 5cm of sand.

Elixir Soil Warming cables are water and moisture resistant which makes them ideal for use with indoor propagators. The soil cables provide constant heat and so the tempurature of the soil should be constantly monitored & controlled by a thermostat.

Elixir Soil Warming Cables come in various sizes and wattage


Do Not use if the cable is broken, creased or cut.

Cable can be ± 10cm in length

Soil Cable Thermostat

  • Temperature Control Range: 16 – 40ºC
  • Resolution: 0.1ºC
  • Accuracy: ± 1.0ºC
  • Operating Temperature: -10 – 60ºC
  • Operating Humidity: 20% – 85%

Elixir Soil Cable Thermostats are ideal for use with soil warming cables to provide ideal conditions for germination. It allows precision temperature control (16 – 40°C) and is easy to use and simple to connect, no additional wiring required. It features an LED display with easy to read display, a cool and heat mode, and can switch between ºC & ºF


Do Not use if the cable is broken, creased or cut.
When heater is in use Do Not cover with heat sensitive material

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