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Soluble Citrus Feed Fertiliser 200g - 20kg | Dissolve 0.5-5g to make 2 litres of food


  • A Complete year round feed for all types of Citrus plants
  • Promotes strong healthy growth & improved fruiting
  • Extremely potent and is excellent value for money
  • Supplied in a bag or re-sealable tub
  • Use 0.5-5g per 2 litres of water. 1kg of product will cover approx 200-500m²
  • Well balanced feed, including trace elements required for healthy plants
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Product Description


Soluble Citrus Fertiliser 18:18:18 + TE

When to use

Elixir Gardens Soluble Citrus is a balanced feed with an NPK of 18:18:18 + trace elements. Unlike other citrus fertilisers Elixir Gardens Citrus is an all season feed with high levels of Nitrogen. This promotes strong leaf and stem growth throughout the summer months and into the flowering and young fruiting stage. Come autumn and throughout winter the high levels of Phosphorous and Potassium will help your plant put all its energy in creating beautiful, tasty and mature fruits.

Citrus, especially some varieties of lemon, are surprisingly hardy and from late spring will benefit greatly from being outside on the patio. Any flowers stand a much better chance of pollination. During the cold winter months the plant should be brought indoors as they will need the protection of a cool conservatory or an insulated greenhouse. They don’t particularly thrive in the hot, dry atmosphere of a house.

As an evergreen, Citrus stores most of its starch in its leaves, so the denser and leafier the plant, the more fruit it will produce. Citrus trees also like to have a slightly acidic soil. Elixir Citrus Feed provides all the nutrients your plant needs, whilst also keeping your soil at the lower end of the Ph scale.

How to Use

Application rates
Elixir Gardens Soluble Citrus feed is potent and only a small amount is required. It is readily dissolvable even in cold water and will not leave any residue behind. Dissolve 0.5g – 5g (1 teaspoon) in 2 litres of water and apply weekly from March – September. Ensure the compost does not dry out between feeds, keeping the soil moist, but not waterlogged. From October – February reduce the feeding to once every other week. For new or developing plants it is recommended that the lower application rates be used and can then be increased as the plant establishes itself.

Application rates cont…
As a simple guide 5 litres of solution is enough to cover around 1m² meaning 1kg of Citrus feed can make enough solution to cover approximately 200m² – 500m² depending on how concentrated the solution make up is.

Please note:
Due to manufacturing processes the blue indicator dye may appear to be less visible in certain batches. This will not affect the efficacy of the fertiliser.
Product may come supplied with a plain label. All relevant information and application rates are detailed.

Additional information

Supplied In

Polythene Bag, Re-Sealable Tub


200g, 500g, 1kg, 2.5kg, 5kg, 10kg, 15kg, 20kg


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