Soluble Iron Sulphate | 23%Fe Lawn Tonic

  • HEALTHY, VIBRANT GREEN GRASS – Iron Sulphate promotes grass growth and gives your turf a wonderful, rich green colour.
  • CORRECTS SOIL PH – Improves soil conditions for acid loving (calcifuge) plants such as azaleas, rhododendrons, magnolias, conifers.
  • HARDENS TURF – As well as encouraging strong growth, Iron Sulphate helps harden turfs and strengthen against disease all year round.
  • AMAZING VALUE – 1kg treats up to 800 sq. metres when applied as a regular green up.
  • CAUTION – Care is needed around hard surfaces and to protect yourself. This product can burn and stain paths, concrete, tarmac and paving if a heavy dose spills on it.
  • Please note: Smaller weights are supplied in plain black and white packaging, colour labels are for marketing purposes only. Due to current supply issues full 25kg bags may be supplied in original manufacturers packaging.
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Product Description

Soluble Iron Sulphate (Ferrous Sulphate) | 23%Fe


Soluble Iron Sulphate has an amazing effect on your lawn, leaving it a beautiful rich, green colour. We recommend scarifying and aerating your lawn before applying our product, for the best results. It improves soil conditions for acid loving plants and reduces the alkalinity of soils, making available the natural elements and nutrients essential to the healthy cultivation of plants which thrive in acid conditions. All calcifuge (lime hating plants) such as azaleas, rhododendrons, magnolias, conifers, as well as many ericas and alpines can benefit from regular top dressing with Elixir Gardens Sulphate Of Iron.


Most people have issues with other brands of Iron Sulphate, clumping during winter months. This will lead to a product that is not as effective when using a spreader. Soluble Sulphate of Iron is available in re-sealable tubs, to help prevent clumping as much as possible.


The sulphate acidifies the soil and promotes fine leaved grass growth. High alkaline soil hurts grass growth.


As Moss Treatment:
Mix 25g per litre of water. Apply either by a sprayer or watering can to treat 5 sq. metres of lawn.
As Grass green up/Lawn tonic etc.
Mix 12.5g per litre of water. Apply either by a sprayer or watering can to treat 5 sq. metres of lawn.
Sprayer –
If you intend to use sulphate of iron on its own then spraying is the best and easiest option. Mix in water (it mixes better in warm water but is not essential) and then simply spray on to the lawn. Mix well to prevent spray filters and nozzles clogging. Warm water helps the iron dissolve quickly. Do not spray if rain is imminent, as it needs to dry on for the most effective results. No watering in is required with this method of application.
Take care around hard surfaces to protect yourself. This product can burn and stain paths, concrete, tarmac and paving if a heavy dose spills on it. Care should also be taken when treating the edge of your lawn. However, if a small amount of the product blows onto paving then a quick sweep will prevent any lasting damage This product is packed and provided with a black & white label, the coloured packaging shown is for illustration purposes only. Check out our range of lawn treatments here.
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