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Sulphur Chips Garden Fertilizer


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Sulphur Chips Garden Fertilizer

Gives Ericaceous Plants The Ideal Soil for Healthy Growth

An easy to scatter chip grade Sulphur, reduces soil pH for lime-hating plants

Many ericaceous plants will not grow, or will show signs of trace element deficiencies if the soil is not ideal for that plant. Most common ericaceous (lime-hating) plants will not grow in limey soils. Chempak Sulphur chips will gradually reduce lime content to make the soil suitable for those lime-hating plants.


How –Add to soil or compost and thoroughly mix in. Top dress on the surface area and work in by hand or hoe. Safe to use between established container plants where soil conditions are not ideal. For new plants, dig Chempak Sulphur in to the top 6-8

WHEN – Use at any time of year. Chempak Sulphur chips will be most effective in warm soils.

RATE OF USE –Use 35-55gms per sq.m. It is advisable to wait until the soil warms to see the effectiveness of this application.

If the desired pH is not realised more sulphur will be needed.

Soil pH

This is a measure of soil acidity or alkalinity on a scale from 0-14 units.  Neutral soil condition has a pH value of 7; acid soils are lower than this; alkaline (limey) soils have a higher reading

pH6 acidic
pH7 neutral
pH8 limey
Soil Testing

Soil pH is easily tested by either chemical or electronic D.I.Y. test kits available in most garden shops.

Ideal Soil

Once ideal soil pH is achieved it should be monitored regularly to see it is not creeping back, as lime frequently “comes through on chalky soils.  Apply remedial Sulphur chips if necessary.

Plant Food

Sulphur is also an important major plant food. Chempak Sulphur chips will provide this essential element

Iron Deficiency

Many plants will exhibit chlorosis (yellowing) on limey soils. Correcting the soil condition will provide a permanent solution.  Chempak Iron will correct these deficiencies quickly and may be an alternative or temporary solution.


Sulphur is combustible and may evolve toxic fumes in a fire. Fire fighting measures douse with water.

Store safely in the original container away from heat sources.

Wash hands after use.

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