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Super Booster Magic Grow | 12-8-10 + TE Liquid Fertiliser


A fantastic liquid plant food well balanced for growth, root development and performance includes trace elements.

Super booster can be used all around the garden, greenhouse or allotment. Super booster does what it says on the pack, maximizing crops, vegetables and flowers and giving them that much needed boost.


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Super Booster Liquid Plant Food 12-8-10+TE

Elixir Gardens Super Booster liquid plant food is a well balanced fertiliser, which is ideal for use on general garden flowers. Super booster can be used all around the garden, greenhouse or allotment to maximise the growth of crops, vegetables and flowers, giving them a much needed boost.

The recommended application rate is 4 – 8ml/L of water. 1 Litre of water/sqm.

For young plants, early season and first applications always apply the lower recommended rate. Switching to the increased rate for established plants/turf and into the late season.
It is suggested that you feed your plants twice per week, more frequent feeding can be done but care must be taken not to overfeed plants as their individual requirements may vary greatly.

Super Booster Contains:

Total Nitrogen (N): 12%
Nitric Acid (N): 0.0%
Ammoniacal Nitrogen (N): 2.3%
Ureic Nitrogen (N):9.6%
Total Phosphorus Pentoxide(P2O5): 8.1%
Total Potassium Oxide (K2O):10.0%
This products contains trace amounts of other elements

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