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Tomato Food / Feed Seaweed Enriched + added Nutrients Extra Potash & Magnesium


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Seaweed Enriched Tomato Food With Extra Potash and Magnesium

Why use Gro-Sure Tomato Food?

? Seaweed enriched for extra micro nutrients ? Also ideal for crops such as sweet peppers and aubergines
? Added Magnesium essential for healthy tomato crops


How to Use

Mix 20ml (1 Capful) of Gro-Sure Tomamto Plant Food in 4.5 litres (1 Gallon) of water.
Apply the diluted feed to the compost / soil around the base of the plant until completely saturated. Avoid wetting the foilage.

Other crops and flowers:

  • For protected or vigorous crops such as aubergines or courgettes, feed as for tomatoes
  • Hanging baskets, pots and other containers, feed weekly
  • Roses, fruit trees, and general garden use, apply every 10-14 days


Where Quantity of diluted feed When to start feeding Frequency of feeding
Indoor/Glasshouse Tomatoes 4.5L for 2 plants Start feeding when 1st truss (flowering branch) has set (turned from flower to small green fruits) Every 4-5 days
Outdoor Tomatoes 4.5L for 2 plants Start feeding when 2nd truss has set Every 10-14 days
Grow-Bag Tomatoes 4.5L per grow-bag Start feeding when 1st truss has set Every 4-6 days if under glass or every 10-14 days if outdoors


EC Fertiliser NPK Fertiliser Solution 6.0-3.0-10.0
Nitrogen (N) Total 6.0% Nutrients with levels below the minimum declarable content as stated by the Fertiliser Regulators are as follows:
Ammoniacal Nitrogen (N) 1.0%
Ureic Nitrogen (N) 5.0% Magnesium Oxide (MgO) soluble in water 0.04% (0.02%Mg)
Phosphorous Pentoxide (P2O2) soluble in water 3.0% (1.3%P) Iron (Fe) soluble in water 0.03%
Potassium oxide (K2O) soluble in water 10.0% (8.3%K) Store between 0 and 30?


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