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Tomato Growing Kit | Includes Plant Halo, Bamboo Canes, Wigwam Grip & Liquid Tomato Feed


    • Self-watering plant support solution for growing tomatoes.
    • Contains Plant Halo, Wigwam Grip, Bamboo Canes & Tomato Food.
    • Ideal for growing your own veg at home.
    • Easy to use, just fill with soil and add seeds.
    • Feeds directly into roots at a consistent rate for easy absorption, increased yields and saved water.

Product Description


Tomato Growing Kit

It’s never been easier to start growing your own tomatoes with our Tomato Growing Kit. A real treat for have-a-go gardeners and those keen to grow their own veg, this deluxe kit contains the essentials you need to grow a bumper crop of tomatoes from seed to harvest – all you need is seeds and compost!

Simply construct the bamboo structure in the plant halo, fill with compost, sow your seeds, and watch your tomatoes thrive.

Our kit includes:

  • 1 x Plant Halo
  • 1 x Wigwam Grip
  • 3 x 4ft Bamboo Canes
  • 500ml Litre Liquid Tomato Food

Plant Halo

Our Plant Halos stimulate rapid root growth for healthier plants. They also cut down the need for watering and increase your crop yield. You can sink your Plant Halo(s) into a grow bag or into the ground if you have a traditional vegetable plot. Pots with a diameter of 26cm or above or raised beds can also be used.

The central inner pot creates the planting area which is particularly useful when used with grow bags. It allows a deeper planting zone to develop healthier plants. A 2.8 litre outer ‘moat’ features eight 3cm watering spikes. These penetrate below the surface, delivering water direct to the plant’s roots. Water and liquid feed deliver at a reduced rate that the plant is better able to absorb, preventing wastage which is common with conventional watering.

It typically takes between 3 and 6 hours for the water reservoir to drain fully, depending on the weather and soil conditions.

Our Plant Halos are manufactured from recycled, UV stabilised plastic and guaranteed for 5 years.

Wigwam Grip

Our circular plastic wigwam grips enable you to build a wigwam using garden canes. It can be used with as many as 12 canes or as little as 3-4. Ideal for building a structure to grow a tomato plant.

Bamboo Canes

Strong, durable, and versatile, our Bamboo Garden Canes are an essential accessory for any gardener. These top quality natural canes are ideal for plant support and simple structures. They can support many different vegetables and plants.

Liquid Tomato Food – 500ml

Elixir Gardens Magic Grow Balanced Tomato Feed is ideal for feeding your tomatoes. </p


12% Nitrogen (N): An essential nutrient, important for the growth of healthy, green and large leaves.

8% Phosphorus (P): An essential nutrient that is used by plants to develop their roots.

10% Potassium (K): An essential nutrient that is important for plants that produce flowers or fruits. Allows for larger fruits and longer blooms.

Application Rate: 4-8ml per litre of water applied at 1 litre per sqm.

Recommended feed twice per week, apply the mixture to the soil around the tomato plant.

Our Plant Halos, Bamboo Canes, Wigwam Grips and Magic Grow Liquid Feed are all also available to buy individually.

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