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200kg Top Quality Natural Washed & Graded Children's Play Sand


Bring the fun of the beach to your garden with our washed and graded play sand!

  • Specially washed and graded so it is safe and clean.
  • Non-toxic and free from additives.
  • Non-greasy, will not discolour or stain clothing.
  • Naturally quarried within the UK, specifically sourced for its ability to be sculpted and hold its shape.
  • Certified to BS EN 71-3 and BS EN 1177.
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Product Description


Soft Play Sand for Children

Enjoy the fun of the seaside at home with our Natural Washed & Graded Children’s Play Sand! Provided in 25kg bags, our 200kg Play Sand is carefully washed, sieved and graded to ensure it is clean and non-toxic, providing safe fun for the whole family.

Our soft Play Sand retains moisture meaning it slowly dries out. It feels like wet beach sand but resists sticking to anything other than itself. Specifically sourced for its ability to be sculpted and hold its shape, it is perfect for playtime. Its non-greasy nature means it doesn’t discolour or stain clothes and makes it suitable for both indoor and outdoor play.

Kids love playing and getting creative with this sand. Build sandcastles, dig moats, draw shapes and letters, create landscapes and structures – it provides hours of fun and creativity! The possibilities are only limited by your imagination! Elixir sand is great for sensory and tactile development. It provides new textures for your little one to discover and enjoy. Suitable for use in play areas, pits and tables, it is ready to use straight out of the bag. Just pour out and you’re ready to play! 200kg Play Sand provides enough sand to cover or fill play areas for non-stop playtime fun (more or less may be required depending on size of play area).

Naturally quarried within the UK. Certified to BS EN 71-3 and BS EN 1177.

Weights may vary within this range due to moisture content. Please allow for 10% manufacturer’s tolerance.

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Weight 232.6 kg


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