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Trolley Cell Pack Inserts | Black Bedding Plant Trays 6 & 8 Cell


  • The ideal solution for rooting cuttings, planting seedlings or transplanting.
  • Our 6 and 8 cell trolleys feature drainage holes at the bottom, perfect for helping manage plant water intake.
  • You can fit up to 4 our 6 or 8 cell trolley inserts into a full size seed/gravel tray, and up to 2 in our half size range.
  • Made from durable, re-usable plastic.
  • Each cell on our 8 cell trolleys measure 47mm long x 36mm wide x 58mm deep, each cell on our 6 cell trolleys measure 60mm long x 34mm wide x 58mm deep. Our inserts measure a total of 203mm long x 85mm wide x 58mm deep.

Product Description


Trolley Cell Pack Inserts | Black Bedding Plant Trays 6 & 8 Cell

Our Trolley Cell Pack Inserts are ideal for those wanting to grow plants in a greenhouse or indoor area. They feature rolled down edges for safer handling, and ease of use. They are durable and will see you through many seasons of growth and re-use.

These inserts can also serve as handy pots for transplantation and rooting. Due to their small size, they are also suitable for the cultivation of smaller plants, flowers and vegetables.

Each of our Trolley Inserts are a total of 85mm wide x 203mm long x 58mm deep. If you are using our Seed trays or Gravel trays with our 6 or 8 Cell trolley inserts, you will be able to fit 2 inserts into a half-sized seed, and 4 into a full-sized seed/gravel tray. This serves to conserve the space in your greenhouse/growing space. It also allows you to grow a wider array of plants within your setup.

Each cell on the 6 cell insert is 34mm wide x 60mm long x 58mm deep. Each cell on the 8 cell insert is 47mm long x 36mm wide x 58mm deep.  Allowing ample space for any seedling, cutting or smaller plant to take root and flourish. They also feature a drainage hole at the bottom, ensuring your plants and growing medium don’t become waterlogged or water-damaged.

6 Cell Measurements: 60mm long x 34mm wide x 58mm deep

8 Cell Measurements: 47mm long x 36mm wide x 58mm deep     

Overall Insert Measurements: 202mm long x 85mm wide x 58mm deep

Keep in mind that all measurements are approximate.

Additional information

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