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Tube Heater Guards | 1ft - 4ft Sizes


  • Protects from the hot surface of tube heaters.
  • Perfectly supplements our range of heaters.
  • Available in a 1ft, 1.3ft, 2ft, 2.3ft, 3ft & 4ft sizes.
  • Comes with screws to attach tube heater guard into position.
  • Made from a strong powder coated steel to protect against the tube’s hot surface.

Product Description


Tube Heater Guards | 1ft, 1.3ft, 2ft, 2.3ft, 3ft & 4ft Sizes

All our Tube Heater Guards are made from powder coated steel and are designed with safety in mind. Offering protection against the tubular heaters hot surface, they are ideal for use in environments in which the very young or elderly are likely to be left unsupervised, or where pets have access.

We currently stock two types of heater guard, one with rectangular holes and one with small circular holes. The model supplied will depend entirely on the size you choose. Please select your desired size from the dropdown to see the specific models.

Easy Assembly

All of our guards come supplied with screws and wall plugs for easy mounting. All that’s needed is a screwdriver to attach the guard to a wall.

Size Range

We supply Guards in various sizes from 1ft – 4ft to supplement our wide range of tube heaters.

Guard Width cm/in Length cm/in Height cm/in
1ft 18.0 / 7.1 30.6 / 12.0 12.0 / 4.7
1.3ft 21.5 / 8.4 41 / 16 9.5 / 3.7
2ft 22.5 / 8.9 61.0 / 24.0 14.0 / 5.5
2.3ft 21.5 / 8.4 71 / 28 10 / 4
3ft 24.0 / 9.4 90.5 / 35.6 13.0 / 5.1

Check out our range of tube heaters here.

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