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TH0-D Tube Heaters with Digital Timer | Optional Guards


  • Super Economical – Our Digital Timer Tube Heaters are a very low cost heating solution, running as low as fractions of pennies per hour. With a convenient digital timer display you can easily set your heater to come on and off whenever you need, helping you save even more money and lower your carbon footprint. Ideal for heating the house, to help with condensation build up on windows and walls, or in greenhouses, caravans, boats, kennels, out buildings or toilets.
  • Easy to Assemble – With minimal effort (all parts included). Available in a range of sizes to fit your purpose: 30cm/60W, 60cm/120W, 90cm/180W and 120cm/240W. (Standard Phillips screwdriver required for initial construction of wall brackets).
  • Built With Safety in Mind – Put your mind at ease with inclusive safety features (such as water seals and an easy-to see indicator light) to make sure you are warm and more importantly, safe in your environment. IP44 rated, meaning they are fully equipped to withstand water splashes from all angles. Making sure the product has long-lasting benefits and reduces damage risks over time. Our tubes are sturdily constructed from steel and then powder coated in white for extra durability and a sustained shelf-life.
  • Increase Your Safety – With one of our Tube Heater Guards which perfectly supplements our range of tube heaters. Made from a strong, powder coated steel to protect against a heater’s hot surface.

Product Description


Tube Heaters with Digital Timer | Optional Guards | 30cm, 60cm, 90cm and 120cm Sizes

Elixir’s Digital Timer Tube Heaters offer the ideal heating solution for situations that require safe, cost-effective and steady background heat.

Designed with safety in mind, tubular heaters are a versatile and economical heating method. Perfect as a steady heat source or frost protection as well as preventing condensation and moisture build-up on walls . They can be used in a variety of environments:

  • Greenhouses, Garden Sheds & Conservatories
  • Airing cupboards
  • Basements
  • Caravans
  • Boats & Canal Barges
  • Kennels & Pet Enclosures
  • Out buildings & Toilets
  • And much more…

They can also supplement existing domestic or commercial heating systems, offering an efficient source of additional heat.

Our Tubes are versatile and reliable, as well as powerful. When running the surface of the heaters are extremely hot. It is therefore always highly advisable to also purchase a Heater Guard to avoid items/people falling or resting on the unit.

All our tube heaters are IP44 rated and available in sizes of 30-120cm.

Built to last

Made from powder coated Steel, our Tube Heaters provide steady background heat as economically as possible. Tube heaters are fantastic for frost protection and preventing condensation.

TH0-D Tube Heaters are typically designed to run at all times. However due to their years of development, you can actually switch the Tube Heater on and off throughout the day without risk of damaging the element!

IP44 rated

To ensure our tube heaters suit any environment we have worked hard to achieve an IP 44 Water Protection Rating. Designed for use in bathrooms and other environments where water is a risk of damage, an IP 44 Rating protects against water splashing at the enclosure from any direction.

Control the output of your heater

The digital display provides access to 4 different timer settings. The first turns off the heater after a period of between 1-24 hours. The second turns on the heater after a period of being off for 1-24 hours. The third works cyclically e.g. the heater will turn on for 3/4/5 hours and then turn off for 3/4/5 hours, and repeat this pattern. The fourth has no time setting and provides continuous heat.


Model Number Power (W) Electrical Supply Product Length (mm) Product Net Weight
TH01-D 60W 220-240V 50Hz 300mm 0.75kg
TH02-D 120W 220-240V 50Hz 600mm 1.25kg
TH03-D 180W 220-240V 50Hz 900mm 1.57kg
TH04-D 240W 220-240V 50Hz 1200mm 2.02kg


PLEASE NOTE: Heater MUST be installed horizontally. Any damage incurred from incorrect fitting cannot be refunded or replaced.

Tubular Heater / Electric Tube Guard | 1ft, 2ft, 3ft & 4ft

Like our heaters, Tube Guards are made from powder coated steel and designed with safety in mind. Offering protection against the tubular heaters hot surface, they are ideal for use in environments in where the very young or elderly are likely to be left unsupervised, or where pets have access.

Comes with screws to attach tube heater guard into position.

We supply guards in various sizes from 1ft – 4ft to supplement our range of tube heaters.


Guard Width cm/in Length cm/in Height cm/in
1ft 18.0 / 7.1 30.6 / 12.0 12.0 / 4.7
2ft 22.5 / 8.9 61.0 / 24.0 14.0 / 5.5
3ft 24.0 / 9.4 90.5 / 35.6 13.0 / 5.1


We also stock TUBE HEATERS WITH THERMOSTATS for precise temperature control. Find both our models here and here.

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30cm (60w), 60cm (120w), 90cm (180w), 120cm (240w)


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