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Volcanic Rock Dust Organic Fertiliser | Soil Re-Mineraliser and Compost Activator | 10kg Bag | Treats over 5m²


    • Top Dressing, for growing medium i.e. Soil and/or Compost.


    • Compost Improver to mix with every bag or bin of mature compost.


    • Eco-friendly & enhances soil’s natural ability to capture and store carbon.


    • Compost Activator and Accelerator for compost making systems.


    • Tonic for Wormeries – encourages beneficial organisms and microbes with soil & compost.


  • Salt Replacement – for cars or vans if stuck in snow and icy surfaces.
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Product Description


Volcanic Rock Dust | Organic Fertiliser and Soil/Compost Improver | 10kg Bag


Top Dressing

Organic Volcanic Rock Dust benefits all types and pH of soil and promote plant growth and vigour. Apply at any time of year and at any stage of plant growth. The only exception to this is when the ground is frozen and soil cannot be penetrated, or in high winds. Simply sprinkle evenly onto soil from the edge of a spade or trowel and then rake in, or let worms and weather do this for you.

Minimum Annual Dose

Apply 0.5kg per square metre, or in gardener’s terms “a handful a yard”. A 10kg bag supplies 20 square metres. This annual dose has also been seen to benefit lawns.

Booster Dose

Apply 2kg per square metre to give your soil a boost.

Top Dressing for Large Areas

Volcanic Rock Dust can be applied to fields and parks, whether grass land or cultivated using a Lime Spreader. Fertiliser Spinners can be used, but care must to be taken to prevent it sticking to the sides of the spinner. Salt Spreaders with a Heavy Duty Agitator are also suitable.


0.5kg per square meter = 2 tonnes per acre


2kg per square metre = 8 tonnes per acre

Compost Improver

Mix 2kg through 50 litres of compost. Ideal if you mix in wheelbarrow or trug. A good handful mixed through a bucket of compost works well.

Compost Activator and Accelerator

When adding a new layer of compost to your compost bin or pile, add a sufficient amount of rock dust to make a light covering over the surface and can easily see through. Gardening material breaks down into compost faster, reaching higher temperatures and reducing odour.

Tonic for Wormeries

Sprinkle a small handful per 30cm2 (1ft2) onto surface of your wormery every month. Try a small area with this amount and see the worms congregate and enjoy it!

Further Info

Mixing with Other Plant Foods

Volcanic Rock Dust works well with soil conditioners, animal manures and plant foods. Whilst lime raises the pH of acid soils, we do not recommend adding it at the same time as volcanic rock dust as this reduces the effectiveness of both materials. Leave at least two weeks between both applications.

Quality Control

This is a natural product and, as such, moisture content may vary however this will not affect the quality.

Please Note: Smaller amounts than 25kg may be supplied in a clear polythene bag, with all relevant information clearly labelled.

Storage & Safety Advice

Store in a dry place or under cover if stored outside. Do not apply in windy conditions.

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Additional information

Weight 10 kg


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