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Westland Lawn Thickener Seed Fertiliser Feed Mosskiller with Grass Seed


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NPK: 3-1-3 + 2(Fe)

Aftercut Lawn Thickener is a lawn feed with added grass seed, that greens and feeds the existing lawn, whilst adding new grass to thicken

Where and when to use

For best results apply to the lawn after mowing. Apply 3-4 weeks from February to September when the grass is actively growing.

Do not apply during freezing conditions or when frost is expected.

WARNING: If split on paving, slabs, tiles, decking or clothing brush off immediately. Do not wash clean as this can cause staining. Take care not to walk on treated lawn as transferring the granules onto hard/absorbent materials can cause staining.

How to use

Maximum recommended rate 35g/sq.m. Ensure complete and even coverage of the lawn and avoid overdosing.

Hand Application: Mark out the area to be treated using canes or string and apply 35g per square metre evenly over the surface. One Handful is approximately 35g. It is good practice to wear gloves when using the product although this is not a requirement.

Wheeled Spreader: For larger lawns apply with a wheeled spreader. Adjust the calibration on your spreader to the appropriate setting for 35g/sq.m (check spreader instructions for details). Simply fill the spreader and apply as normal.

Compound fertiliser with Iron 3-1-3 (2)
Nitrogen (N) Total 3.0%
Phosphorus Pentoxide (P2O5) 1.0% (0.4% P)
Potassium Oxide (K2O) soluble in water 3.0% (2.5% K)
Total Iron (Fe) 2.0%

Additional information

For nutrient levels where these fall below the stated minimum requirement of the regulations.

Total Magnesium Oxide (MgO) 1.0% (0.6% Mg)

Additional information

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