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Woven Ground Cover / Landscape Fabric | Weed Membrane with Optional Pegs & Staples


    • UV Resistant for up to 30 years when covered with aggregates, mulch and decking.
    • Ideal for landscapes, planting, driveways, artificial grass and decking.
    • Premium Quality Spun Polypropylene for increased durability offering excellent groundwork stabilisation between soil and aggregates.
    • Permeable Weave Technology creates a lightweight and robust fabric with excellent drainage properties.
    • For best results kill and remove ALL existing weeds using weedkiller before laying your ground control fabric. Please be aware some weeds such as Japanese knotweed and others are particularly resilient and may require several treatments to fully remove infestation.

Product Description


Woven Ground Cover / Weed Control Landscaping Fabric

Available in the widths 1m, 2m, 3m, 4m and 5m. Supplied in a variety of lengths from 1m up to 100m.

Woven Ground Cover

Please Note: All orders will normally be shipped folded but on the odd occasion due to the manufacturers may be supplied on a roll. lengths of 100m may be supplied as two 50m lengths, and lengths of 50m may be supplied as two 25m lengths. All other lengths are cut to order.

Boost the Growth of your Crops & Plants

The cover allows for water to drain through, keeping existing plants well fed, whilst prohibiting the growth of unwanted weeds. The tough polypropylene is UV stabilised & stops the growth of strong weeds by blocking them from sunlight. It is easy to cut with scissors but offers exceptional tear and puncture resistance.

Simple cross shaped cuts can be made in the membrane to allow your plants to burst through & thrive. It is an ideal solution for growers & agriculture of any level, from simple flower & veg beds, to allotments & large crop fields.

It also reduces currently growing weeds before placing the top layer.

Perfect for your Garden, Driveway or Paths

Woven ground cover is the perfect underlay for a variety of garden & outdoor environments. It’s durable & hardwearing properties make it an excellent choice for Gravel/Aggregate Paths & Driveways, as well as Stone Flags, Block Paving & underneath Decking or Artificial Grass. As well as it’s domestic uses, woven weed membrane is also the ground cover of choice for professional groundsman, being ideal for the upkeep of Tennis Courts & Golf Courses.

It is easy to cut with scissors but offers exceptional tear & puncture resistance from rocks & stones, whilst keeping out troublesome weeds. Weed Control Fabric is an environmentally friendly alternative to using weed killer and our membrane has a 30 year lifespan.

Plastic Pegs

15cm / 6″ length

Our Barbed Pegs, made from UV resistant plastic have a series of hooked barbs which prevent the peg from pulling up from the ground. The flat head meakes them easy to push in and keeps the membrane flush to the ground.

Top Tip: Using a screwdriver to create a pilot hole makes inserting the peg into rough or hard ground easier.

Supplied at 2 pegs per metre.

Steel Staples

10cm / 4″ wide x 15cm / 6″ length.

Made from galvanised steel, these staples are heavy duty and an excellent quality.

Sturdy, impact resistant, and designed specially for use on hard ground. The sharp bevelled points make for easy anchoring of the membrane.

We also stock Mulch Ground Cover. Find it here.

For best results kill and remove ALL existing weeds using weedkiller before laying your Woven Ground Cover. Please be aware some weeds such as Japanese knot weed and others are particularly resilient and may require several treatments to fully remove infestation.

So that we can offer the best possible prices we cut this product bespoke from bulk rolls. Therefore once your order has been cut it cannot be cancelled or returned, as compliant with the consumer protection act 2013 – part 3 paragraph 28, sub-paragraph B.

To offer the best value to our customers we will wherever possible dispatch your purchase using the most economical courier service available to us. This is often subject to length and packaging restrictions. If you require your items dispatched in a particular manner you must inform us at the time of order.

NOTE: Please be aware that due to the manufacturing process there can be a ± tolerance of 5%.

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