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Plastic Terracotta Plant Pots, Saucers, Plant Pot and Saucer Set


Plastic Terracotta Plant Pots, Saucers, Plant Pot and Saucer Set

  • Our range of Elixir Gardens Terracotta Plant Pots come in a great selection of sizes, from 3 inches all the way up to 15 inches, as well as being accompanied with matching saucers.
  • Highly durable plant pot and saucers, with gloss finish allowing for an aesthetically pleasing plant container.
  • This collection of terracotta plant pots are great for use in and round the house as well as outside.
  • Designed to grip rim, making the range of plant pots easy to move in order to find the perfect placement.
  • The collection is made from a hardwearing polypropylene meaning a reusable and hard to damage planter.
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Plastic Terracotta Plant Pots, Saucers, Plant Pot and Saucer Set

Our Elixir Gardens range of terracotta plant pots, are made from polypropylene this allows for this collection to be hardwearing, durable as well as reusable for many garden projects. This collection also has a gloss finish to the plant pots making them great for decorative flowers and plants in your home.

The range is designed to be easy to move around at your pleasure, this is due to the easy to grip lip on the edge of the pots. These pots can also be used in greenhouses and allotments, this makes the range very versatile and suited to fit in with most environments.

This collection comes in a fantastic range of sizes from the smallest size of 3 inches with 3/4 inch saucer, all the way up to 15 inch pot accompanied with the 15 inch saucer. For more information on sizes and measurement please see that table below.

Plant Pot Plant Pot Length Plant Pot Diameter Saucer Saucer Diameter
3″ 7.6cm/2.99″ 7.8cm/3.07″ 3″/4″ 9.3cm/3.66″
4″ 9.6cm/3.77″ 10cm/3.93″ 3″/4″ 9.3cm/3.66″
5″ 12cm/4.72″ 13.3cm/5.23″ 5″/6″ 14.1cm/5.55″
6″ 14.5cm/5.70″ 15.8cm/6.22″ 5″/6″ 14.1cm/5.55″
7″ 17.3cm/6.81″ 18.7cm/7.36″ 7″/8″ 19.1cm/7.51″
8″ 19.5cm/7.67″ 21.4cm/8.42″ 7″/8″ 19.1cm/7.51″
10″ 24.5cm/9.64 26.4cm/10.39″ 10″ 24cm/9.44″
12.5″ 30.5cm/12″ 33.2cm/13.07″ 12.5″ 28.5cm/11.22″
15″ 37.5cm/14.76 41cm/16.14″ 15″ 34cm/13.38″

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3 – 4” Saucer, 5 – 6” Saucer, 7 – 8” Saucer, 10" Saucer, 12.5” Saucer, 15” Saucer, 3" Pot, 4" Pot, 5" Pot, 6" Pot, 7" Pot, 8" Pot, 10" Pot, 12.5" Pot, 15" Pot, 3" Pot + 3-4" Saucer, 4" Pot + 3-4" Saucer, 5" Pot + 5-6" Saucer, 6" Pot + 5-6" Saucer, 7" Pot + 7-8" Saucer, 8" Pot + 7-8" Saucer, 10" Pot + 10" Saucer, 12.5" Pot + 12.5" Saucer, 15" Pot + 15" Saucer


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