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Bottomless Plant Pots | Tomato Ring Culture Planter | Black


  • Robust sturdy design.
  • Encourages strong, healthy root growth.
  • Ideal for grow bags.
  • Use season after season.
  • Can also be used with gravel trays.
  • Dimensions: Top 23cm x Base 18cm x Height 19cm.

Product Description


Bottomless Plant Pots | Tomato Ring Culture Planter | Black

Greenhouse plants, especially tomatoes are liable to many soil borne pests and diseases. Using Bottomless Plant Pots (Ring Culture Planters) is a great way to encourage strong, disease free, healthy plants. They can be used to plant into the ground, into a gravel tray or directly into grow bags to provide plants with more compost allowing long tap roots develop.

Ring Culture Pots help promote a strong tomato plant by allowing the upper parts of the roots to absorb nutrients whilst allowing the lower roots to take up lots of water.

Dimensions: (Top Diameter) 23cm x (Base Diameter) 18cm x (Height) 19cm

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