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If a product has 2 quantities to select from, this means we sell that product in bulk. For instance, if you were to buy 50 x White Plant Labels – 3 times, you would receive 150 total. We do this to save you money on higher quantity orders. 

Green Bird Netting | 2m-10m Widths & 1m-100m Lengths


  • Protects plants, flowers, fruit and vegetable crops, as well as ponds and water features from birds and wildlife.
  • Strong HDPE construction, long lasting with resistance to UV light, and harsh weather conditions.
  • Dark green colour blends perfectly into many garden and outdoor settings.
  • Available in widths of 2m, 4m, 6m, 8m & 10m & lengths of up to 100m.
  • Approximate mesh size: 20mm x 20mm.
  • We also stock Black Bird Netting. Find it here.

Product Description


Green Bird Netting

Strong & Versatile

With a a great variety of widths and lengths available, Green Bird Netting has a variety of uses and applications within horticulture. It makes the perfect covering for small fruit cages, vegetable planters and allotment plots, as well as larger scale agricultural projects. It’s easy to cut to shape and attach to structures making it ideal for trees, orchards and vineyards too.

Tangle Free

The woven construction of our netting will not trap or harm birds. Importantly the net openings are large enough for pollinating insects such as bees to pass through. 

Perfect for Ponds


Made from 100% high-density polyethylene (HDPE) knitted monofilament with exceptional tear/snag resistance. It’s quick and easy to cut to a specific size or shape. It won’t wither or degrade from strong sunlight and can withstand the harshest of weather conditions. You can reuse again and again it for many growing seasons.

Our Green Bird netting is available in widths of 2m, 4m, 6m, 8m & 10m and lengths of 1m to 100m.

Approximate mesh size: 20mm x 20mm.

Please note for your order:

So we can offer the best possible prices we cut this product bespoke from bulk rolls. Therefore once your order has been cut it cannot be cancelled or returned, as compliant with the consumer protection act 2013 – part 3, paragraph 28, sub-paragraph B.

To offer the very best possible value to our customers we will wherever possible dispatch your purchase using the most economical courier service available to us. This is often subject to length and packaging restrictions meaning for example items advertised as rolls maybe folded into boxes and wide width rolls maybe manufactured folded etc. If you require your items dispatched in a particular manner you must inform us at the time of order.


Net sizes quoted are taken when netting is at full stretch. Please be sure to allow extra width and length for pegging, tying and any other slack you may require. If netting is not supported at regular short intervals, it will sag, adding to the amount required.

Please always allow for spare in your calculation.

If for any reason there is a measurement error, all netting must be returned to us before a replacement or refund can be released.

Should any incorrect product size prove to be the fault of Elixir Garden Supplies, a replacement or full refund (plus any reasonable return carriage costs) will be quickly dispatched.

We also stock Black Bird Netting. Find it here.

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