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Bumper Crop Garden Lime | Acidic pH Soil Fix | 1kg - 25kg Weights


  • Increase Soil pH – If your soil is too acidic for what you require, then we recommend Bumper Crop Garden Lime. Our product is a unique, fast acting soil conditioner, specially formulated to help manage soil pH, improving soil fertility whilst optimising crop and grass performance.
  • Signs You May Have Acidic Soil – Certain weeds growing in your garden may be evidence of your soil being/becoming too acidic. These include Sorrel, Creeping Buttercup, Nettle, Dock and Mare’s Tail. By liming you can reduce weed issues, and improve growth at the same time.
  • Unlock Your Soils Potential – Bumper Crop Garden Lime helps to neutralise acid soils, enabling beneficial bacteria to flourish and releasing essential nutrients from your soil to your crops. This can cause “locked up” nutrients in soils that are too acidic, and therefore can not be used by crops that could benefit from them when planted in said soil.
  • Testing Your Soil – It is always recommended to test your soil before Liming. You can purchase a soil tester to check before applying. Always test different soil spots in the area and apply where needed.
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Product Description


Bumper Crop Garden Lime Granular Limestone | 1kg to 25kg

Bumper Crop Garden Lime can be applied straight to soil by hand either on the surface or dug in. It is also easy to spread and can be used with conventional spreaders.

As well as being used for the increase of soil pH, it can also be used for improving grass and tillage yield.

Safe to use. Non-toxic and non-hazardous.

Club Root:

Prevents club root in cabbages, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower and other brassicas. Also affects ornamental and wild relatives such as Cheiranthus and Aubrieta.

Club root – fungal infection leading to swollen and distorted roots and stunted growth. Occurs between midsummer to late autumn when soil is moist and warm.


Above ground – stunted growth, purplish foliage and wilting in hot weather.

Below ground – root system becomes swollen and distorted.

Very badly affected plants will not survive.


Can be added all year round, but it is recommended to add in the autumn/winter for annuals such as vegetables before frost so that it can take affect over winter months. It is also recommended to add lime before planting as it will have more effect compared to when added to the surface of established plants.

For highly acidic soil apply every year, other soil every 2-3 years.

When applying more that 0.5kg per sq m – dig half into the soil and sprinkle the other half on the surface.

When applying less than 0.5kg per sq m – dig the entire amount in, but can be sprinkled on the surface if digging is not practical.

Incorporate in the top 20cm/8″ of soil.

For young plants:

Dig into planting hole. 1 handful (35) per sq m.

Soil Conditioner:

Fork in feed. 2 handfuls per sq.m.

Clay Soil:

Original pH of soil Kg per sq. m
6.0 0.6
5.5 1
5.0 1.4
4.5 1.8

Loam Soil:

Original pH of soil Kg per sq. m
6.0 0.5
5.5 0.8
5.0 1.2
4.5 1.5

Sandy Soil:

Original pH of soil Kg per sq. m
6.0 0.5
5.5 0.7
5.0 1.0
4.5 1.8


Check out our range Bumper Crop Fertilisers here.

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