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Plastic Plant Pot Carry Trays with Square Pots | 7cm, 1/4L - 9cm, 3/4L - 11cm, 1L


  • High Quality Plastic Trays for carrying your square pots.
  • Trays come with a number of square pots of the correct size
  • Pots are high quality and reusable, used by growers and professional growers alike for herbs and bedding plants
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Plastic Plant Pot Carry Trays with Square Pots | 7cm, 1/4L – 9cm, 3/4L – 11cm, 1L

Square Pots

A good quality re-usable plastic square pot, as used by professional growers. They are popular for growing herbs and bedding plants, and come with drainage holes for overhead or sub irrigation.

Carry Trays

A high quality tray that can hold a number of pots. Perfect for growing large numbers of small plants for transplantation, or for growing numerous potted plants to decorate your home / garden.
We stock 3 sizes of Carry tray in addition to the pots, and as an added bonus when you buy a tray you will get pots to match the tray. Sizes and numbers of pots supplied per tray can be seen below:

Tray Sizes Pots Per Tray
7cm x 7cm x 7cm 15 Pots per tray
9cm x 9cm x 10cm 18 Pots per tray
11cm x 11xcm x 12cm 10 Pots per tray

Amount of pots that will be supplied is dependent on the number of carry trays ordered, for example:
If you buy 60 x 7cm carry trays you will receive 900 x 7cm pots

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