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With summer in full flow we have we have listed a few of our top jobs for the month.

  • As the weather heats up remember to raise the blades on your lawn mower to give a longer cut. This will help reduce stress on the grass and help to keep it looking lush by stopping the soil drying out too quickly.
  • Treat those bald areas of your lawn by using a quality grass seed to patch and fill in the gaps. Remember to keep the area well watered protect the seed from birds until it is established.
  • Keep on top of deadheading repeat flowering roses. Don’t forget to give them a mid-season feed to encourage a second flush of growth. See our blog for Roses for more helpful insights!
  • Avoid carrot root fly ruining your crop by removing the foliage from your harvested crop. Bruising the foliage before and putting it on the compost heap will attract the root flies away from the remaining crop.
  • Plants such as chilies, aubergines and sweet peppers will soon become top heavy. Make sure you add extra support stakes and keep feeding regularly with a high potash liquid feed.
  • Keep an eye on your pond as longer days encourage rapid growth of invasive weeds as well as beneficial oxygenators. If more than a third of the ponds surface is covered then it’s time to thin them out.
  • Place the removed weed at the edge of the pond for 48hrs before composting to allow any trapped wildlife chance to return to the pond.
  • Plant out your winter cabbage and caulis in their final beds. Remember to fork in a quality high nitrogen fertiliser before planting. An organic hoof and horn fertiliser provides the perfect slow release over the summer months. It is also perfect for use as a further top dressing in September.
  • If you fancy a homemade fertiliser then don’t let those BBQ bones go to waste. Place bones directly on the dying coals and leave them to bake. When it has cooled crush up the bones and mix into the ashes to make a great topdressing.
  • Don’t forget to care for your houseplants. Make sure you water them regularly and give them a nourishing houseplant feed. If you have the space on a shady patio or table why not leave them outdoors.

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