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Full Size Heavy Duty Gravel Water Seed Propagator Tray Lids


  • Use of one of our propagator tray lids helps improve speed and success rate of germination.
  • Useful for acclimating plants to the outside environment.
  • Perfect for use with our full-size seed and gravel trays.
  • Helps to control moisture, and prevent seedlings and cuttings drying out.
  • Each full-size lid measures 383mm long x 243mm wide x 85mm tall.
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Full Size Heavy Duty Gravel Water Seed Propagator Tray Lids

All measurements are approximate.

Our full-size propagator tray lids are designed to be used with our full-size gravel/seed trays, and will fit snugly on top, protecting the contents of the tray from damage. They are made from durable clear plastic, allowing you to monitor the growth of your plants inside the safety of your chosen container.

Ideal for use when propagating seedlings and cuttings to control moisture in the tray, and stop it from evaporating. Keeping the moisture levels constant and allowing for enhanced growth and a lesser need for frequent watering. Trays with drainage holes in the bottom also benefit, as a lid will prevent the topsoil from drying and hardening whilst the plants inside are growing.

It is recommended that you remove the lid once a plant has germinated, as the condensation can often lead to build-ups of plant viruses. However if the humidity of the room/area the tray is in is below 50% it is often better to prop open the lid, allowing better ventilation and preventing the growth of harmful fungi.

If you have some young plants that need acclimating to the outdoors, the lids can also be used to slowly expose them to the outdoors temperature and air. Leaving the lid off for progressively longer periods of time, until it is no longer needed and can be used for other acclimating plants, or seedlings.

Each of our full-size lids measures 383mm long x 253mm wide x 85mm tall, allowing enough room for growth until germination or transplantation.

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